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Get Your Lawn Serviced by Local Teens, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whether you need seasonal lawn mowing or a one time weeding job, we have a teenager ready to help. Post your job on TeenServ today and get work done as soon as tomorrow: or schedule work in advance for a date that works for you.

Need lawn work done? Use TeenServ and hire a local teenager.



Post your job

Share what kind of work you need done, the requirements of the work, and how much your willing to pay. 


Make sure you're happy

Once the teenager has completed the work, make sure you're satisfied with the work you've received. If not, we'll make it right.



After you've confirmed that you're happy with your service, we'll send you an invoice in the email. Simply pay via credit/debit card, and we'll handle the rest

Get work done in 3 steps

Why Choose TeenServ?

Absolutely no quotes. You pick the price of your work.

By hiring local teenagers, you're giving back to your community.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you're not happy, we'll refund you 100% and do it again.

No contracts or commitments. Get work done whenever is convenient for you.

Get any type of work done, as frequently as you want.

Customer service which is second to none, available anytime, any day.

See why TeenServ has so many 5 star reviews.


Here's what our customers have had to say about their lawn care experiences on TeenServ.

"Thank you so much for the great service this afternoon! Such fast, hard workers who even helped me move some things into my backyard when I asked! The mulching that we thought would take at least 3 hours only took the TeenServ team an hour and a half! We will be spreading the good news of your dependable help."




"You have selected great teens with wonderful work ethics for our project. They both showed up on time ready to work, and got straight to it without having to be instructed/taught how to do anything! They finished the job in a timely manner, but more importantly they did a wonderful job. I couldn't find a single reason not to be satisfied! Thank you again!"




Ready to start getting work done?

Post your job today and your first service is on us, 100% free.

If you give us the chance, we promise you won't regret it.

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