TeenServ statement regarding covid-19 operations

Receive Safe Yard Work During Covid-19 While Benefiting the Community


While Covid-19 has halted or completely terminated many activities, one person who will not be stopped is Mother Nature. As the spring arrives and the weather changes, the annual cycle of growth once again commences. This inevitable reality means that it’s more important now than ever to receive high-quality lawn service, all while avoiding as much contact as possible. To help homeowners receive the best quality lawn service while still doing our part to flatten the curve, TeenServ is now introducing interaction-free service. 


With TeenServ, everything on the part of the homeowner is handled online. No longer do you, as an individual who cannot afford to get sick, need to put yourself at risk. Instead, with TeenServ, you can still have your lawn maintenance with no in-person interaction and with almost no effort. All you need to do is visit our website and select the “Post Work” page.


The process of posting a job is simple. Once on the “Post Work” page, fill out a short form and post your job. Your posted job will be instantly visible to Teenserv’s registered teens and will be accepted by a teen that would like to do your job. No longer do you have to search for teens, instead, TeenServ takes away all the hassle and brings the teens to you. Additionally, perhaps the most popular feature of TeenServ is that you set the price for your job. TeenServ understands that you know your yard better than anyone else, so we trust your fair evaluation of your job.


After your job has been accepted by a local teen, you will then be put in contact with the teen via text or email, based on your preference, and from there you will be able to communicate any information you would like the teen to have while completing the job. This system not only makes the whole process of finding someone to maintain your lawn simpler and more efficient, but also protects you and your family.


Finally, aside from providing homeowners with the ability to receive high-quality help in the most convenient manner, TeenServ was also founded to provide teens with a great way to earn some extra money by doing meaningful work for supportive members of their community. During today's current situation, many teens are starting to lose their part-time employment and are often the first to be laid off. Many of these teens are working because they need the money to pay for gas, save up for big purchases such as cars, and even save up for college. TeenServ allows local teens to continue earning money and you can play a pivotal role in our community by employing our teens.


We wish you all good health, and send our sincerest gratitude the countless members of our community for helping to flatten the curve of Covid-19. 


Ben, Jack, and Quin

(The TeenServ Team)

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