Connecting Teens and Homeowners



Connecting local teens with homeowners

TeenServ was founded by three high schools students with the goal of becoming a market place where teenagers like ourselves could find quick ways to make money without the commitments and responsibilities of a full time job; and where homeowners could go to get the quickest, most convenient service that they know will get done right the first time, every time. We were founded on 3 core pillars: Safety, Reliability, and Efficiency, which guide us in every decision we make.


Safety is our Number 1 priority when a teenager is out on a job. To ensure our teens' safety, we screen all of our jobs on the National Sex Offender Registry by address to verify that none of our customers are possible offenders. In addition to this, our policy dictates that if one of our teens feels unsafe or even just uncomfortable during a job, they can (and should) simply walk away and send us an email explaining the situation. We will deal with the customer and finish the job ourselves if it is necessary, with no penalties to the worker.

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Our customer's satisfaction is our number one priority when dealing with our jobs, and we pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy for many years of service. Because of this, we guarantee all of work 100%; something no other service provider does. If YOU are not satisfied with the quality of work you received (it doesn't matter if we think it's good), we will refund you 100% and do it again for free. We promise you that if you give us the chance, you will leave happy. 


TeenServ is the easiest, most convenient way to get yard work done. With no scheduling, quotes, or annoying after fees; you're in control of your work.  You pick the price, the time, and the type of work you need done; we trust that you know your job and work required better than we do. We don't even need to see your yard! Getting work done is a quick, 3 minute process: all you have to do is visit our website, fill out the details of your job, and post it. Payments are handled via PayPal, which means you don't have to hassle about having  cash at the door. In addition, we respond to all customer emails and calls almost immediately, which means you're never left longing for information or an answer to your question.

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